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Monday, September 21, 2009

Diaper Cake

Hi all!
I'm trying to get better at blogging. This summer just flew by and I just got out of the habit :)
Anyway, I wanted to share the diaper cake I made for my Sister-in-laws shower back in August.

I used cake board for the bases on the tiers. The diapers are held together with white rope and then there are three layers of ribbon around each tier. I cut the bottles and rattles that are spaced around each tier from New Arrival. The flowers are some bundles I found at Hobby Lobby taken off the stems and secured with "high tech"Scotch Tape. The tape is covered up with shredded cotton balls. I used the stork from New Arrival for the cake topper and put some cotton balls around the base of him.
I'm just so proud of how this came out! I wanted to keep it for myself...LOL!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Chrissy, this is wonderful ... the prettiest diaper cake I've seen! I can tell you put a lot of thought into the details and it certainly made a difference. Great job!

    Jo xx

  2. Oh Chrissy... that is just too beautiful... I so love it, wish you could tell me step by step how you did it (I still probably couldn't do it LOL)... that is beyond cute.

  3. This is the most beautiful diaper cake I have ever seen - great job! Makes me want to have another baby so that you can make me one! LOL

  4. You did a pretty amazing job on this diaper cake. I wish I knew someone near me who was having a baby just so I can make one.

  5. fantastic!! but how do you eat it? ROFL!!!:0)

  6. Chrissy, I am about to make a diaper cake and so glad I saw your BEAUTIFUL cake! Can you tell me what kind or size diaper did you buy and how many diapers? Also, did you roll up each diaper individually? Many thanks, Pam DeK.

  7. Chrissy this is just awesome!! I love it! Wish I knew someone having a shower! I would love to make one!

  8. That is the most gorgeous diaper cake I have ever seen!! You do amazing work!

  9. WOW I have seen MANY diaper cakes, but your is the beautiful!! AWESOME job!!

  10. This is the most beautiful diaper cake I have seen. Great job.

  11. This is one AWESOME CAKE! I am going to "Diaper Lift it" from you-if you don't mind:)I was wondering, do you have any "CLOSER UP" pictures of the cake-like of the ribbon? I am curious about how it looks from close up. And did you just lay the cotton balls on top or did you tape them down too with the Schotch tape? If you could help me that would be greatly appreciated:)
    Pauline R.

  12. I am not a big fan of diaper cakes. Most of the ones I've seen are so tacky, tasteless, sloppy and just poorly done.

    I have to say though, that yours is very, very nice. I liked the classy color theme that you used, the balanced proportions and symmetry of your design, the clean and neat look - it all comes together to make a stylish and tasteful version for sure!

    Awesome job!